Estate Planning Essentials Video 2 of 2

Estate Planning Essentials Video 2 of 2

In this video, Long Beach Estate Planning Attorney John T. Anderson discusses the common types of trusts used in estate planning in California. Attorney Anderson gives specific examples of when each type of trust might be appropriate. The types of trusts discussed include:

  • -   Standard Trusts (0:36)
  • -   A/B Trusts (1:45)
  • -   A/B/C or "Q-TIP" Trusts (3:13)
  • -   Special Needs Trusts (4:10)
  • -   Spendthrift Trusts (5:45)
  • -   Life Insurance Trusts (6:17)
  • -   Charitable Trusts (7:12)

Click here to view the first video in this series. In the first video, Attorney Anderson discusses the reasons for estate planning in California.

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